We all know about the core icons on Sydney Harbour – the Bridge and the Opera House.


But did you know that Sydney’s waterways has some other amazing places to go and see ?

From secluded water access-only beaches to snorkel sites around the heads.

Fish Markets to 5 star hotels – bars to bistros, there is plenty to see, do and access on our waterways.

Have you done the trip from Sydney Harbour to Pittwater past the 23 Northern Beaches ?

Ever dined at a water-accessible restaurant ?

Had a night or two camping (or “glamping” !) on Cockatoo Island ?

Have you been out by the heads of Sydney or Pittwater to watch the majestic whales migrate north and then south again ?

Fireworks are a regular feature on the water – each year we also have the Vivid festival and the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race.

We can help you get out and explore with:

  • Skippered boats that can take you and up to 6 friends on your own private day (or night) of exploration and sightseeing
  • Boat licence courses and training including boat handling specifics to get you ready for your private dive adventures including anchoring, beaching and docking your boat confidently.
  • Free skills workshops focused on boat handling, boat setup, GPS navigation, anchoring and night operations to make you adventures safer and more relaxed
  • Loads of regularly updated free information about sites and events to help you get the most out of your harbour and surrounding waterways find out more
  • Information about the facilities, destinations and secret places around our focus waterways, water accessibility cafes and restaurants, pickup and drop-off spots and other offers

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Here at MyHarbour, we hire boats and provide training to help you explore the waterways and bring you activities, locations, services and experiences that you may find of interest or useful.



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