Gift Voucher Ideas

Are you struggling with gift ideas?

Well, we have a few ideas here for you to consider. Just remember, you can’t go wrong with a gift that involves time out on the water.

Boat Licence Course ($245-$295)

First, you can give the gift of a boat licence course – a great way to spend some time out on the water and to get a useful qualification. You can see more about our great licence courses on this website here and you can buy a course gift voucher below. Your special someone can use the gift voucher code to book onto any of our licence courses at any time in the next year.

Boat Hire – Bow Rider or Centre Cab ($445-$495)

How about a day out on one of our hire boats. You can see the difference between the bow rider and centre cab here. In short the centre cab is a bigger boat well suited to fishing and diving while the sports rider is laid out with more sociable seating for sightseeing and water sports. Both have great electronics, fishfinders, GPS navigation, music systems, bait tables, live bait tanks and a heap of rod holders. They both have tow points for water sport and come with all of the safety gear your need.

Private Boat Handling Lessons ($200)

A three hour private lesson on one of our boats – we depart Roseville ramp and head out to learn and to practice the essentials of handling the boat confidently. We look at wind, boat-dynamics, driving slowly, driving at speed & docking, anchoring, mooring and beaching the boat. It is a comprehensive session that really improves confidence and relaxation when out on the water.



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