Boats as a Business

We harbour a goal to help entrepreneurs to start and prove their small business ideas (If you are looking for work opportunities at MyHarbour please look here instead) 

Naturally these should be marine related.

We have a number of marine assets and experiences that can help you kick start your business. These include:

    • Three types of boat in commercial survey
    • Commercial fishing charter licences
    • Insurances and a supplier of specialty business insurance
    • Hire gear for watersports
    • Hire gear for fishing
    • Speciality gear for watersports training
    • Specialty gear for scuba, snorkeling and spear fishing
    • Access to instructors and instructor training organisations
    • Expertise and experience with the AMSA DCV Survey and Certificate of Operation systems
    • Expertise in creating and maintaining AMSA compliant Safety Management Systems
    • Expertise and experience with the qualifications required to run on water operations
    • Access to commercially qualified skippers
    • Relationships with marine training organisations

We also have a number of business experiences including:

    • Business structure expertise
    • Website and social media expertise
    • Marketing and marketing automation expertise
    • Booking system expertise
    • IT, IT monitoring, IT troubleshooting expertise
    • Franchising experience

Some examples of businesses we have supported, enabled, worked-with and worked-on include:

    • Fishing guides
    • Waterski coaching
    • Scuba dive guides
    • Spear fishing guides
    • Drone photography
    • Building and construction
    • Surveyors
    • Real estate agents
    • Mooring gear inspectors
    • Marine Internet of things (IOT) specialists

Typically our engagements follow this path:

    1. You download materials and complete our high level planning worksheet
    2. We review your worksheet and if there is a good match between your goals and our expertise and resources, we schedule a call. If the match is not good we will suggest a way forward for you.
    3. We have a call to discuss you plans
    4. If we agree to proceed together we both enter into an agreement covering the roles and responsibilities of each of us as well as the goals, measures, timescales and deliverables. Think of this as a mini business plan kaletra precio.

Start by getting your short worksheet from us here