Boat Hire Options

We offer a number of different boat hire options.

You can hire by the day, overnight, for a half day or even tow a boat away yourself. Our tinnies down at Manly wharf can even be hired by the hour.

We also offer extra hire gear and training options as well as courses to get your NSW boat licence.


On-water Day Hire

We offer on water day hire from Roseville Ramp, Akuna Bay and Bayview Ramp in Pittwater

You can take the boat any time from sunrise through until any time before 4pm.

Subject to availability, you can extend these hours for a small extra fee ($50) and you can also hire fishing and watersports gear.


On-water Half Day Hire

Half day hires are available for booking in advance on weekdays out of Roseville on our Centre Console boat.

Other boats and weekend half day hires are sometimes available for last minute bookings 1 day before the hire – this is dependant on boat and staff availability.

The morning half day starts anytime after sunrise and finishes at 11 Am. The afternoon half day starts at midday and finishes at 4pm.

Subject to availability, you can extend these hours for a small extra fee ($50) and you can also hire fishing and watersports gear.


On-water Night Hire

Night hires are available from Roseville Ramp.

Night hires must stay inside the harbour and may not leave Sydney heads.

Full night hires run from 5pm until any time up to 1 hour before sunrise meine erklärung.

Subject to availability, you can extend these hours for a small extra fee ($50) and you can also hire fishing gear.


Tow-Away Hire

If you have a suitable towing vehicle and adequate prior-experience of towing, launching and retrieving trailer boats, you are welcome to take one of our boats on a trailer to a location of your choice.

Tow-away hires are always multi-day, we don’t offer single day tow-away hires.

Subject to availability we can often let you take the boat at the end of the day before your hire starts and let you return it later in the afternoon of your last hire day. We can also hire your water-sport and fishing gear.


Boat Club

For a long while, we have wanted to offer our regular hirers a something extra for their ongoing business. We now have a ‘Boat Club Membership’ which offers a great price for our more regular hirers. We also bundle in a few extras and have more in the works.

This has to be the most cost-effective way to get out on the water every month.

In each membership level you get a number of hires, one to be taken each month. You can start your membership in any month you choose.


Tinny Hire @ Manly

We have partnered with the Manly Kayak Centre at Manly wharf to bring you unlicenced boat hire.

Our 4.2m tinnies are available by the hour and can be booked direct with the Manly Kayak Centre on 1300-kayaks

Bookings and more information are available on their website at the Manly Kayak Centre Website

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