Ash Scattering on Sydney Harbour

If you have a loved one that wants to be scattered on the water then we can help make it happen with care, compassion and safety.



Alternatively, perhaps you want to include scattering of your ashes on the water in your will – we can help make it happen, we can help provide the details for your plan – it is easy for your family to do with our help.

We provide a number of ways to lay your ashes to rest at sea or perhaps to do the same for your loved one, on the waterway they loved so much.

You can take up to 6 people aboard the boat and you can go up to 15nm offshore. Of course most places people wish to be laid to rest are around the coastline, estuary or harbour.

Popular places include favourite fishing spots, picnic or sightseeing spots – even the start-line of a favourite regatta or blue water race such as the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

We can brief you on the how and the where – the rules and the regulations. Whether you need information for a recently departed loved one or to complete the planning for your own arrangements we are happy to help.

If you have a licence you can drive the boat yourself – we will provide a full briefing based on where you would like to lay your loved one to rest meine erklärungWe provide all of the gear you need and charts of the area – we can even put the marks into our on-board GPS to make things a little be easier. If you have no licence or would prefer not to drive the boat, we can put a skipper aboard who will handle the boat and the logistics for you.

A skippered ash scattering for up to 6 people aboard typically costs around $695.

If you drive the boat yourself, the cost is typically around $495 for 6 people aboard.

Typically, scattering a loved one’s ashes will take between an hour and 4 hours on the water.

Just contact us for more information or to discuss your plan or your loved one’s wishes.

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