Boat Training

NSW Boat Licence Options

NSW Maritime requires us all to have a boat licence when driving a powerboat.

There are several ways to gain your boat licence – you can select the approach that best suits your preferred learning style, your experience levels and your desired course format.

Download the paper on the lower right hand side of this page to see the NSW Boat Licence options summarised as well as an overview of the different types of course you can sign up for – from the dodgy ‘discuss’ type of course where all the instructor does is talk about how to drive the boat you are sitting in, though the middle of the road ‘demonstrate’ courses where the instructor shows you how great they are at driving a boat right through to our courses, the ‘do’ course where we get you to do everything – after all we want you to learn how to drive a boat in case you use one of ours!!


Why Us?

We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive (and fun) NSW Boat Licence courses in Sydney.

We want to help you build skills and experience to confidently enjoy taking your (or our) boat out on the water. Whether you want to gather mates for a fishing trip, spend a sunny day waterskiing or show visiting friends and relatives our beautiful harbour from a different angle – we want you to have a great time out on the water and know you can handle the boat well.

Benefits of our NSW Boat Licence Course:


No further testing at RMS

Just take our certificate and some ID to an RMS office and they will issue your boat licence.


Practical Experience

Hands on practical experience with different boat handling skills required to get your NSW Boat Licence.


Quick Turn Around

All theory, testing and practical demonstration are handled within our 1 day course.


Small Class Sizes

We limit class intake to ensure you have plenty of time to try everything out.


Confidence Building

Ability to practice skills several times to gain confidence in driving the boat.


Industry Tips

Take advantage of our own tips and tricks to make you a better skipper.


Relaxed Learning Environment

Leave your anxiety at home with our fun and relaxed classes.


Course Guarantee

You are guaranteed to pass your course.


Free Follow-up Courses

You are invited to attend free follow up skills sessions – did we mention they are completely free!

Ready to get your NSW Boat Licence?


At the end of a MyHarbour Boat Licence Course, you are presented with a certificate that is recognised by NSW Maritime and the RMS who will issue you a licence when you present it with some ID at one of their offices.

Download a free overviEw of the options you have to get your NSW Boat Licence here:

Our Guarantee


We guarantee you will pass.
If you struggle with nailing the practical skills in your course, you are welcome to come along again and repeat all of the course or just practice and master the bits that caused you problems.
An easy and enjoyable way to tick all the boxes of getting your NSW boat licence.

Why Choose MyHarbour?

MyHarbour specialises in boats and boat training and are a recognised NSW powerboat licence training centre. Our boats require a NSW Boat Licence to use confira aqui. We want to help you build skills and experience to confidently enjoy taking one of our boats out on the water for your own hassle-free, relaxed adventure.

We offer our courses both privately and in small groups (4 max). We are happy to run a course for you and your mates, you and your family or for you to jump on one of our regularly scheduled public courses.

Do you want to share this with your work mates? We can offer courses to corporates for use as team building, employee rewards or customer events.

Want MORE Practice?

We offer free follow-up skills sessions known as our Friday Freebies. These free sessions allow you to practice what you learned on the course as well as learn new skills – all in a relaxed, fun setting. Once you complete a course with us you will receive a code that gets you access to these sessions completely FREE.

Ready to get your NSW Boat Licence?

Have a Question?

Feel free to drop us a line.

Keen to get out on the water?

Fishing, Watersports, Diving or Sightseeing - we have you covered with great boats and great locations. We will brief you and can provide you with whatever you need to have an amazing day out on the water.

Ready to book your licence course?

We will train you online and on the water, building your confidence and getting you the skills and qualifications you need.


Here at MyHarbour, we hire boats and provide training to help you explore the waterways and bring you activities, locations, services and experiences that you may find of interest or useful.



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