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MyHarbour is a celebration of all of the things we can do on, in or under our wonderful waterways.

We hire boats and provide training, including very relaxed NSW boat licence courses.

We bring you information on what to do, where to go and what to see on Sydney Harbour, Middle Harbour, Pittwater and the surrounding waterways.

Please follow us on Facebook to find out first about offers, events and information about the exciting, fun and sometimes secret things going on out on our waterways.

If you have a question, just ask. If we don’t know we will try to find out or we will introduce you to someone that can help.


We strive to make boating more accessible and to help our boating customers feel more confident and be safer while out on the water. Whatever the reason for your trip on the water we want to train and support you in your boating.


By 2021 MyHarbour will be the goto company when considering how best to get out on the water and get training to do it confidently, We will be known for sharing knowledge and providing innovative training and boating options in Sydney and around the country.


Mutual Respect: We always treat others with respect and expect others to treat us the same way. Its the way the world should work.
Reliability and Timeliness: We do what we say we will do and we do it at the time we committed. Rely on us.
Financial Integrity: We are open and transparent when it comes to money – we always say what we will charge and charge what we say we will – no surprises, no gouging, and no slipperiness, ever.
Innovative: We continually strive to innovate. That might be online technologies, boating equipment, training options or boat hire options. We will never settle for “it is what it is”
Community: The boating community is important to us and we will strive to help any boaters in need rankhaya.com/. At the ramp, on the phone or on the water – just ask, if we can help we will.
Inclusion: We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful waterways – we will do all we can to facilitate this using our knowledge and our resources. If you have an idea that will get someone on the water, talk to us!

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Fishing, Watersports, Diving or Sightseeing - we have you covered with great boats and great locations. We will brief you and can provide you with whatever you need to have an amazing day out on the water.

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We will train you online and on the water, building your confidence and getting you the skills and qualifications you need.


Here at MyHarbour, we hire boats and provide training to help you explore the waterways and bring you activities, locations, services and experiences that you may find of interest or useful.



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