A popular spot for fishermen and divers alike are the two white wooden ‘lighthouses’ on Sydney Harbour.


Wedding Cakes Lighthouse

They are in fact channel markers and at night they are lit with a red or green light.

They hold a variety of fish throughout the year and are a favorite for fishermen seeking kingfish, bream, john dory and blackfish.

Divers love the structure and the light as well as the wildlife. As well as the fish life, they get to see octopus, sponges and soft corals. Sometimes they will see a school of calamari swim past. They can often collect a bunch of lost fishing gear and stuck anchors.

There are two wedding cakes – one acting as a port marker in the western channel off George’s Head. The other is a starboard channel marker in the eastern channel off Laings Point.

“They hold a variety of fish throughout the year and are a favourite for fishermen seeking kingfish, bream, john dory and blackfish.”

To fish or dive the Wedding Cakes we typically do a slow drive by and put the boat into neutral near the target. Observe where the prevailing winds and currents push the boat and then drop an anchor such that the current and wind will put the boat stern-to the Wedding Cake lekarna-slovenija.com.

Fishermen can cast off the stern to the wedding cake or you can set the anchor 10m to one side and let the boat ‘slip’ down the side of the wedding cake and then cast into the wash of the cake which often holds more fish. Berley thrown to the upstream side of the structure will drift down nicely and bring in a little more action.

Divers can simply step off the stern and drop on to the structure.

Courtesy says that we don’t anchor there if a bunch of boats are already there and anchored, drift fishing or otherwise taking up the available space.

You can safely use a sand anchor as long as you set it more than 20m from the target – this will keep you away from the piles of rocks near the base of the structure which can snag a sand anchor.

Whatever you do, don’t anchor in the shipping channel – if it looks like you need to anchor there to access the wedding cake on that side of the harbour due to the prevailing winds and currents, simply move to the other Wedding Cake on the other side of the harbour and you will be able to anchor on the non-channel side.


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